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Revival Night's are a once a month prayer and worship gathering for those that are hungry to see revival and desire to be the light that invades the darkness. The dictionary defines Revival as returning something that was dead back to life. It also defines it as becoming active or flourishing again. We believe that through these gatherings we will see a generation come alive with passion, purpose and power! Our goal is to see this generation equipped, activated and released to demonstrate the Kingdom and be agents of revival in our city!

Join us at one of our upcoming Revival Night gatherings.

Second Sunday of every month.

January 14th, @ 6pm
February 11th @ 6pm
March 10th @ 6pm
April 14th @ 6pm
May 12th @ 6pm
June 9th @ 6pm
July 14th @ 6pm
*August 14th @ 6pm
September 8th @ 6pm
October 13th @ 6pm
November 10th @ 6pm
December 8th @ 6pm

Revival nights are the 2nd Sunday of every month at 6 pm
with the exception of our August gathering.